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"What's Mine is Now Yours"
poetry book by
Jan Michael Alejandro

PO Box 23337
Los Angeles, CA 90023
Nail Soup Publishing

"What's Mine Is Now Yours"

“Jan Michael Alejandro’s poetry is infused with sheer rhythmic vitality. Fasten your seatbelts—this is one gritty, humorous, dog lovin’, mind and sun reflecting, ride.”

Jane Ormerod/ Uphook Press NYC

“Jan Michael Alejandro is a creative hurricane launching Cat 5 power into poetry, music and playwriting--sometimes all three at once! His capacity for understanding the human condition runs deep, and what may appear simple on first encounter blossoms like a beautiful exotic flower on repeated listening or reading. Alejandro gets to the core of emotions without giving it away. When you read a poem of his, or see one of his plays, its echo will come back to you a day or a year later, shedding a fresh new light on your own secret self.”

Kat George / Three Rooms Press NYC

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